2018-2020 INITIATIVE

Empowering Young Voices in the Political Activism

Bruin Political Union selects yearly initiatives to center its focus over the course of an academic year. These initiatives guide the Union in its programming goals as well as external policy advocacy. The yearly initiative, along with BPU's mission to elevate political discussion, decrease partisan polarization, and promote civic engagement, provide BPU's foundation.

This year’s BPU initiative is a dynamic, interactive educational experience designed for students in grades 6-9. The primary objective of this year’s initiative is to empower students with the understanding that the political process allows them to improve societal outcomes. In groups of 10-15, BPU discussion leaders will ask provocative questions attempting to get students to think about the problems they face within their communities and frustrations they may feel. Students will be taught and encouraged to consider civic solutions to these issues by engaging in thoughtful political discourse in order to facilitate political compromise and coordination. The program will last approximately 1 hour and will take place in the local community centers and after-school programs. This off-campus programming will be supplemented by an on-campus networking event designed to help UCLA students understand how to work with younger communities in their activism.






Lesson Objectives


  1. Empower younger members of the Los Angeles community to realize the potential of changing problems in one’s community through civic engagement.

  2. Help younger members of the Los Angeles community realize potential barriers they may face in fixing such problems, such as American cultural norms, rising political polarization, etc.

  3. Allow younger members of the Los Angeles community to have a better understanding of today’s political landscape and gain a basic understanding of the broader problems we face, such as issues with disinformation, political polarization, lack of compromise, etc. This can be partially done by introducing them to figures of previous generations who solved major crises in American history in a bipartisan way.

Initiative Mission Statement

To empower the next generation of L.A. youth, particularly in underprivileged communities, to discover the power of civic involvement and activism in improving their communities.